Santa and Snow
Christmas Eve Only

Santa and Snow Package

Christmas Eve
Valid December 24, 2014 ONLY

Orlando residents get a very special opportunity on Christmas Eve Only. and have introduced a very special Santa and Snow Package limited to 25 clients.  For Christmas Eve only, between 8am and 5pm, our crews will be in Orlando to blow holiday snow, followed by a visit with Santa Claus. We have reduced our minimum snow order to make this opportunity affordable to families to celebrate a White Christmas and the joy of a personal visit from Santa Claus. *NEW* for 2014 we are offering Real Reindeer from December 23-31, 2014.

Here is how the Santa and Snow promotion works: (Please Read Before Contacting us with Questions)

  • The venue or residence must be in the Orlando Metropolitan Area;
  • When we reach our capacity of 25 clients we will assign you an estimated time of the snow arrival. Your time will not be assigned until we have reached our capacity. To offer this substantial discount we have to route our trucks properly to save you money;
  • After we assign your time a crew will arrive at your venue and blow a minimum of four (4) tons of snow wherever you'd like. Four (4) Tons is equivalent to a 10'x20'x1 area) More snow can be purchased at a discount, but must be done at your time of ordering;
  • You cannot pick your time and once you are assigned your time we cannot change the time;
  • Due to the uniqueness of this promotion, there are no refunds for any circumstance other than Force Majure or our equipment or transport failure.
  • Will it melt? Yes it will melt depending on our weather's temperature. Based on an 85 degree test, the snow will take a day to melt. The colder, the longer it will stay. The best part is you will have a WHITE CHRISTMAS the next day in Florida. If you want the snow removed, just take a garden hose and melt the snow away. We DO NOT clean up the snow. The crew will blow the snow and leave immediately for the next client.
  • Is it real snow? Yes, this is real snow. We will arrive with an ice truck and snow blower that will grind the ice and blow the snow for you. This is self contained, we don't need anything from you other than pointing where to blow.
  • Do you have fake snow that blows in the air?  Yes, we offer evaporative snow machines. These machines blow large and snow flakes that evaporate in 90 seconds. It's a beautiful effect along with the snow area. The snow is non-toxic and does not stain. We only have a limited amount of those units still available.
  • Our goal is to have Santa arrive after the snow has been blown. Santa will be available for 15, 30 and 60 minute appearances. provides qualified vendors that are professional actors. You will get a quality Santa Claus with exceptional costuming that has undergone background checks and quality testing to ensure you get the best Santa Claus available.
  • Do we have to book Santa and the Snow? The answer is NO. You can get the whole package or order it a la carte;
  • Can we have Mrs. Claus and a Throne? Yes, we offer both options;
  • Do you have any other holiday options? Yes, please check out: Orlando Holiday EntertainmentOrlando Dicken's Carolers and Orlando Trackless Train for more options.
  • How do we book this promotional package?  Please fill out the contact form and we will be in touch to get your details and book this package. We will call you, please indicate "Santa and Snow" in our contact form so you get the promotional pricing.
  • How do we pay? Can I use a Credit Card? We take Checks and Cash Only. When the crew arrives onsite you will provide the payment for all items. We do require a Credit Card to hold your reservation, but it will NOT be charged.
  • Who are you?  We are the Birchmore Group, Inc. an award winning production company that does local events during our slow time in December. We have been delivering high-end quality event services to Corporations, Associations, Political Groups, Sporting Events and even World Leaders for over 20 years.


These photos display at 10'x20'x1' Snow Area. The promotion is for half of this snow at 10'x10'x1'. The size of a pop up tent you see at Art Festivals. Feel free to order more snow at $279/ton:

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